Rep. Brady Co-Sponsors Package to Create Jobs, Strengthen Illinois’ Supply Chain

The Illinois House on Thursday evening took a big step to attract new jobs to our communities, and to help strengthen the supply chain our manufacturers depend upon to make their products. House Bill 1769, co-sponsored by State Representative Dan Brady, was approved by the Illinois House. The plan will provide incentives to attract new businesses to Illinois that will supply our existing manufacturers with components they need for production. Brady (R-Normal) stressed that the plan is a win-win scenario for Illinois.

“This incentive plan targets companies who will supply our existing manufacturers. They will bring jobs and investment to our communities; and they will help repair our broken supply chain. Our manufacturers won’t have to wait for parts that are stuck on a ship off-shore because the parts they need will be made here in Illinois,”

Rep. Brady said the plan requires that in return for credits, the new businesses must make a significant level of investment and create a specified number of new jobs in Illinois. He said partnering new businesses with existing suppliers that use their product is also important to making Illinois more competitive, especially in emerging fields.

“With this package, we could attract a manufacturer of electric cells to locate in central Illinois near Rivian, which uses the cells in the production of their electric vehicles. This is truly a win-win scenario,” Rep. Brady said.