Rep. Brady-Created Task Force Takes Tough Family Testimony on Full Body Organ Donation

Illinois’ Non-Transplant Organ Donation Task Force today heard emotional testimony from families whose loved ones underwent “full body donation” upon their passing, and the consequences for which the survivors were unprepared. The Task Force, created by legislation spearheaded by State Representative Dan Brady (R-Normal), is working to resolve serious issues with the posthumous donation process that will both preserve the donations’ invaluable gift to medical science while protecting the dignity of donors and their families.

“I appreciate the courage it took for families today to tell us their difficult stories that ranged from dissection procedures they hadn’t been made aware would happen, to actual selling of their loved one’s organs on the black market,” said Rep. Brady, a licensed Funeral Home Director and former McLean County Coroner. “There’s no question that full body donation is invaluable to continued medical advancement, but families’ memories and dignity must not be sacrificed in the process.”

Rep. Brady said that in the months to come the Task Force will be looking at current laws and statutes in Illinois and how other states regulate non-transplant donations to improve education and communication with donor’s families and to prevent black market involvement. A full Task Force report will be presented to the General Assembly in January, 2022 to assist with the drafting of new legislation.

“I have been working with donors’ families since 2019 to fix these problems so they can feel good about the gift of donation. I want to thank the Secretary of State’s Office for partnering with us on this Task Force so that we can get the job done,” Rep. Brady said.