Rep. Brady, National Safety Council Work to Improve Safe Senior Access to Driver Training Programs

Rep. Brady is working this spring with the National Safety Council (NSC) to ensure mature drivers can participate online in training they need to obtain insurance premium discounts. House Bill 2570 today unanimously passed the House Insurance Committee and advanced to the floor for consideration by the full House.

“This is a win-win scenario. It allows drivers 55 and over to more easily and safely access training that will save them money on insurance premiums without placing any additional mandates on insurance carriers,” Rep. Brady said.

Rep. Brady’s legislation ensures that drivers 55 and over can complete the NSC’s Defensive Driving Course or a motor vehicle accident prevention course online (eLearning). Participants in eLearning programs receive the same content as classroom students with the flexibility to access it in a safe location convenient to them.

“eLearning is a valuable tool, especially as we continue to strive to limit possible COVID exposure,” Rep. Brady said. “It’s an ideal option anytime for those who find it difficult to travel to traditional classroom settings for scheduling, health or other reasons.”