Rep. Brady: House Rules “more of the same bad policy”

State Representative Dan Brady today voted “no” on majority-crafted House Rules that will continue to shut out Representatives from the minority party and the millions of constituents they represent.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” stressed Brady (R-Normal). “For the first time in decades we have a new Speaker, and a real opportunity to change the way this chamber operates so that we can all receive fair debate on issues important to our local communities. Instead, the majority party today again pushed through the same basic rules used by former Speaker Madigan to consolidate power and control in the hands of a few.”

Rep. Brady and House Republicans had offered positive changes for House rules to ensure all members’ constituents would have a voice in their government:

  • Ensure rights of Members to have their bills called in Committee
  • Require notice to the Members and Public on what will be up for action in committee and on the Floor
  • Create a waiting period for Floor Amendments, Concurrence and Budget Bills
  • Increase the ability of members to debate legislation on the House Floor

“These changes would introduce much-needed inclusion and openness into the process. Unfortunately, Democrats rejected every single one,” Brady said.