Rep. Brady: So-called Police “Reforms” will Make Illinois Less Safe

In the final minutes of the 101st General Assembly today State Representative Dan Brady voted no on measures that will hurt law enforcement’s ability to do their job, and will make our communities less safe.

House Bill 3653 as amended contains hundreds of pages of new mandates and restrictions on police, coupled with new “reforms” that would serve to benefit those committing serious crimes, including felony murder. Rep. Brady said if passed, there’s no question the proposed changes would compromise public safety in our towns and neighborhoods.

“In a nutshell, these changes will make it much harder for police to do their primary job: to arrest and detain suspected criminals,” Rep. Brady said. “What’s more, the bill is hundreds of pages long and was literally pushed through in the final minutes of our session this morning.”

Rep. Brady stressed that police organizations and unions across the state came out in strong opposition to the new changes and restrictions as have families and individuals in his district.

“I’m willing to sit down with all concerned to discuss reforms that will help make us all safer. Sadly, the bill that was rushed through in our final minutes today is almost certain to have the opposite effect,” Rep. Brady said.