Rep. Brady: Local Businesses to Receive Pandemic Relief in Second Round of BIG Grants

Dozens of businesses in our local communities will share in grants to help with continuing Cornonvirus-related hardships State Representative Dan Brady announced today. The funding is being awarded through the second round of Business Interruption Grants, administered by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).

According to DCEO, the second round of Business Interruption Grant funding is focused on downstate businesses impacted, with specific emphasis on music and performing arts centers, museums, movie theaters and other entertainment venues struggling with the ongoing COVID restrictions. Approved businesses in the House District 105 will share more than $2.3 million in assistance.

 “Pandemic-related shutdowns and other hardships are lasting much longer than anyone expected, and our small businesses are continuing to fight hard to adapt and survive,” said Representative Brady (R-Normal). “These grants will help many businesses in our communities hang on.”

Funds may be used to help businesses with working capital expenses, including: payroll costs; rent; utilities; and other expenses resulting COVID-19 related closures. According to DCEO officials, the department received more than 40,000 applications and is issuing $227 million to more than 6,100 businesses in Round 2.

Businesses in Representative Brady’s legislative district receiving in grant funding are listed on the following pages.

  • Bio‐Genics & Renco, Bloomington
  • Altitude Trampoline Park, Bloomington
  • Parke Regency Hotel & Conference Center, Bloomington
  • B&B Awards and Recognition Inc, Bloomington
  • Bloomington Il 5429 Inc, Bloomington
  • Dexafit Central, Bloomington
  • Dynamic Sound, Bloomington
  • Game Time Gym II Inc, Bloomington
  • Gill Street Sports Bar and Restaurant, Bloomington
  • Bandana’s BBQ, Bloomington
  • Holiday Inn & Suites, Bloomington
  • Iwp Bloomington LLC, Bloomington
  • Just 4 Kicks Inc, Bloomington
  • Iron Coyote Challenge Park, Bloomington
  • Mclean County Dance Association, Bloomington
  • PR Bloomington LLC, Bloomington
  • Shoo Shoo Baby, Bloomington
  • Chenoa Family Restaurant, Chenoa
  • Diner 24, Fairbury
  • Fairbury Fair Association, Fairbury
  • Lost In Time Inc, Fairbury
  • Bernard Fye, Gridley
  • Absolute Light & Sound, Hudson
  • Soundsations, Hudson
  • Kelly’s On 66, Lexington
  • Kemp’s Upper Tap, Lexington
  • Insideout Fitness, Normal
  • Motel6 On Main, Normal
  • Carepaks Medical Supplies, Normal
  • Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works, Normal
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Bloomington‐Normal
  • Fort Jesse Café, Normal
  • Klean Korner Cms LLC, Normal
  • Lunker’s, Normal
  • Monster Pawn Normal Inc, Normal
  • Firehouse Pizza, Normal
  • Ram Entertainment Normal LLC, Normal
  • Shequita C Rayford, Normal
  • Medici In Normal
  • Twin City Awards, Normal