Rep. Brady: Local Authorities Should Make Decisions on Safely Conducting Business, Student Sports

Local authorities should be making decisions about how businesses can operate safely and how students can safely participate in fall/winter sports, State Representative Dan Brady said today. Rep. Brady stressed that the continuous stream of mitigation orders from the Governor’s office have done more harm than good.

“On Sunday, the Governor ordered all restaurants and bars in our area must again close to indoor dining and service. This is a devastating blow to our local businesses that are still struggling to recover from the first round of shut down orders. Sadly, some never will,” Rep. Brady said. “As I have been stressing for months, this is a decision that must be made at the local level using local health data that is open and available for all to see. Our local communities must have a say in their own destiny.”

Rep. Brady today also reiterated that local school boards need to make decisions about how their students can safely participate in basketball and other fall/winter sports.

“Parents want the best for their children, and they have elected local school board members to speak for them on school policies that impact students, including sports. The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) has put together safety guidelines that can be followed to allow students to safely participate in sports, and the final decision on how to proceed should be made by local school boards,” Rep. Brady said.