Rep. Brady: Partisan Budget Fails Struggling Families and Communities

Statement of State Representative Dan Brady on his “no” vote today on a new state budget plan that increases state spending and debt in the midst of an economic crisis:

“This budget actually kicks our communities and families when they are down. With record numbers of Illinoisans unemployed, the plan approved on a party-line vote today actually increases spending over last year by $2 billion, and includes $5 billion in new borrowing. Our families will be the ones paying those bills.

After shutting us completely out of the budget process, House Democrats also approved a pay raise for themselves. That’s absolutely shameful. If this legislative pay raise goes into effect, I will reject it and return mine to the State Treasury.

Also, while funding for Illinois State University was held flat, funding for Chicago State University increased by $1.4 million.

Now more than ever we need fiscal responsibility and transparency from our elected officials. This year’s critical budget process provided neither.”