Rep. Brady will push bi-partisan effort to improve flawed budget proposal

State Representative Dan Brady released the following statement today after Governor Pritzker’s introduction of a Fiscal Year 2021 budget proposal that dramatically increases state spending and relies on new taxes for funding.

“Today the Governor proposed a new budget that increases spending by $2.2 billion and he’s relying on passage of his graduated income tax scheme in the fall to pay for it. If the tax increase doesn’t pass, the Governor said he will withhold funding in vital areas we have been working so hard to protect including our schools, funding for ISU and other universities, even income tax refunds for our families,” said State Representative Brady (R-Normal). “Despite this deeply flawed proposal, I am very hopeful that members of the General Assembly can work together across party lines to craft a much more reasonable, balanced budget plan. We did it last year and I am ready to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get it done again this year.”