Ethics Reform, Tax Relief Top Rep. Brady’s Priorities for the 2020 Spring Legislative Session

With the Governor’s State of the State address behind us, the General Assembly’s spring session is now in full-swing in Springfield.  Bills are being filed and priorities are being set. My priority this spring will continue to be putting common sense policies in place that enable our families, our communities, and the State of Illinois to succeed.

Several of the largest problems we need to tackle this spring are issues we’ve actually been working on for years; starting with the need to provide families with relief from their skyrocketing property tax burden. Last year I worked on a bi-partisan task force to address this issue. Unfortunately, Democrats on the panel rejected all of the Republican proposals and instead focused on expanding the sales tax base. This spring, my top priority will be to continue pushing forward proposals that will help reduce property taxes, including expanding property tax relief for seniors, providing mandate relief for our schools, and allowing greater consolidation of units of local government so resources can be shared.

We must also take real, decisive action this spring to put a stop to the culture of corruption that hangs over our state like a dark storm cloud. Investigations, arrests, and indictments of state elected officials continue while Speaker Madigan blocks our attempts to hold elected officials accountable. This spring I am backing a package of common-sense ethics reforms that include prohibiting lawmakers from being lobbyists. It is time for the Speaker to join us in doing what’s right for the families of Illinois.

As the state budget negotiations progress this spring I will be working with other area lawmakers to ensure we don’t lose the progress we have made in recent years to fund our infrastructure, including critically needed repairs and renovations on the Illinois State University campus.  Recently I was pleased to announce the release of long-awaited funding for renovations at the ISU Center for Fine Arts, and for safety improvements near Prairie Central High School in Fairbury, among others. Not only are these improvement projects vitally important for our families, they help attract and keep good jobs in our communities.

We have a lot we need to accomplish in Springfield this session, and as always, I need your input to best represent our communities. Please visit my website at for updates and to sign up for my e-newsletter. And please call, email or stop by my office with concerns or ideas.  Let’s get to work!