State Funding Released for Needed Renovations at ISU Center for Fine Arts

Governor J. B. Pritzker joins State Rep. Dan Brady and Sen. Minority Leader Bill Brady to announce the release of funds for ISU Fine Arts Center renovation

Crucial state funding for much-needed renovations for Illinois State University’s Center for Fine Arts today was officially released for payment by the Comptroller. $52.3 million released today is part of $61.9 million total State Representative Dan Brady worked to have included in the FY 20 State Budget.

“University officials had designated repairs and renovations of the Center for Fine Arts as their highest capital need on campus. I’m so happy that this funding we all worked so hard to get in the budget is now released for payment,” Rep. Brady said.

Under the project being funded, the Center for the Visual Arts and Centennial West buildings will be demolished and a new building will be constructed near Centennial East, which will be renovated and repaired. 

 Rep. Brady noted that ISU has also received $4.162 million for other capital projects on campus, including $1.365 million for upgrading the steam heating system.  As part of the new capital bill, “Rebuild Illinois Capital Program,” ISU received two appropriations. One for deferred maintenance in the amount of $40.4 million, and $89.2 million for the Milner Library.