Rep. Brady: “Clean Up” Cannabis Bill Makes Law Enforcement, Business Requested Reforms

While reiterating his opposition to this spring’s legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois, State Representative Dan Brady this week voted to place additional safeguards into the statute. Brady said the “clean up” language passed during veto session was the direct result of conversations with law enforcement, business owners and others who will have to deal directly with the new cannabis law.

“I opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana, and I still do. But we need to deal with the situation we now have, and help law enforcement and others navigate these uncharted waters,” Brady said.

Rep. Brady this week voted in favor of Senate Bill 1557 which “cleans up” the legalization Act and makes changes requested by those who need to deal with and enforce it, including

  • Allowing public employers of police, corrections officers, and firefighters to prohibit or take disciplinary action for consumption or possession of recreational cannabis while on or off duty.
  • Ensuring that employers may not be subject to a cause of action for actions taken because of the employer’s reasonable workplace drug policy.
  • Limiting on-site consumption of cannabis to dispensaries and retail tobacco shops, if approved by the local jurisdiction; and
  • Making sure that cannabis infused food items are subject to sales tax rate that applies to alcohol – not the lower sales tax rate for groceries and medicine.

“This clean up addresses some specific local concerns, and so is the right thing to do for now, but I still have grave concerns about the overall impact of increased recreational marijuana use on our families and our communities,” Rep. Brady said.