Rep. Brady Appointed to Property Tax Relief Task Force

Families here in the 105th District will have a prime seat at the table in legislative discussions on how to provide needed property tax relief. House Deputy Republican Leader Dan Brady was this week appointed to serve on the newly formed Property Tax Relief Task Force.

“This is one of the biggest burdens our families face,” Rep. Brady stressed. “No one should have to fear being taxed out of their home. We need solutions.”

Representative Brady noted that the Property Tax Relief Task Force is part of the larger state budget agreement adopted this spring. It is comprised of members of both legislative chambers and both political parties Rep. Brady said the group will seek long-term solutions to our families’ growing property tax burden including assessing other states’ remedies, and will then propose action to provide relief.

“The Task Force will get down to work quickly. Our initial report on how we can provide property tax relief will be presented to the Governor and the General Assembly in 90 days. I am very pleased that our district will have a seat at the table from our very first meeting through our work to pass real relief into law,” Rep. Brady said.