Rep. Brady, House Pass Measure Allowing School Safety Additions that Could Save Lives in Active Shooter Situations

Legislation clearing the Illinois House this week would allow school districts to take additional measures to lock classroom doors to protect students and staff in the event of an active shooter situation. State Representative Dan Brady (R-Normal) won unanimous House approval of SB 1371 which would allow the use of additional door barricade or locking mechanisms to allow staff to more quickly and safely lock down classrooms in the case of an active shooter present in the building.

“This legislation can literally be a lifesaver if a gunman gains entry to a school building,” Rep. Brady said.

Rep. Brady noted that currently in some school buildings, locking a classroom door requires staff to insert a key in the door’s outside lock. 

“That means teachers have to go out into the hallway to lock their classroom door…That’s very dangerous in a shooter situation, and it cost precious minutes,” Brady said. “The additional, temporary locking mechanisms allowed by this bill can be engaged remotely, or from inside the classroom, making sure rooms can be secured quickly and without staff having to enter the hallway.”

Rep. Brady said the change was brought to the General Assembly by an area Superintendent. Having cleared the House SB 1371 now returns to the Senate for concurrence with a House amendment.