Rep. Brady, Higher Education Working Group Unveil Initiatives to Keep Our Best and Brightest Here at Home

State Representative Dan Brady and fellow members of the bipartisan, bicameral Higher Education Working group Tuesday unveiled a series of proposals to strengthen Illinois colleges and universities, and to make them more affordable and more attractive to Illinois students.

“For far too long we have been suffering from a severe ‘brain drain’ in Illinois as more and more of
our students choose to attend college elsewhere. The proposal we are unveiling today are aimed at keeping our best and brightest here to complete their education, and then to put their skills to work in our communities,” Rep. Brady said.

Representative Brady, who represents Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University and Heartland Community College, said the working group has held meetings and discussions with administration, faculty and students across the state on ways to strengthen the Higher Education system in Illinois. He said the bi-partisan proposals introduced at a press conference today focus on three crucial areas:
• Degree attainment
• Financial aid
• Regulatory relief 

Representative Brady has assumed Chief Sponsorship of House Bill 4781 that allows the State Board of Education to survey Illinois students taking state assessment tests about their career interests, intended field of study and their cumulative GPA (grade point average). The survey results will be shared with all Illinois colleges and universities unless the student opts out.

“This particular piece of the plan will help Illinois colleges and universities tailor their curricula to best fit the needs and interests of in-state students,” Rep. Brady said. “We have world class Institutions of Higher Learning in our state, but together, the measures we introduced today will make them even better in preparing our children for the future.”