Rep. Brady: Long-Term Gains Far Outweigh Short-Term Concessions in Brandt Proposal

A prospective deal to bring hundreds of new, well-paying jobs to McLean County is closer to reality this week following approval by the McLean County Board and the McLean County Unit 5 School Board. State Representative Dan Brady today thanked members of both boards for focusing on the big, long-term gain the tentative deal to bring the Canadian-based Brandt Group of Companies to the area will mean for local families and communities.

“Brandt coming to our community will provide tremendous long term gains, starting with 300 to 500 good jobs returning to our community by 2025. While the agreement abates some of Brandt’s property taxes, that abatement only lasts a few years. The jobs, on the other hand, are a tremendous ongoing revenue generator for our entire area – for local businesses and also for local services and schools as more families can afford to shop, eat out, and to buy homes and join the property tax rolls,” Rep. Brady said.

Representative Brady noted that in addition to the jobs, Brandt plans to invest more than $20 million in improvements to the plant site over the next 10 years.

“By approving short-term property tax abatements we are securing hundreds of good jobs for local families that otherwise will go to Iowa and Ohio.  I’m pleased and thankful that the majority of County Board and School Board members are focusing on the great long term benefits.  I understand that this was a difficult vote by the boards, and I respect both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ positions that members took.  Let’s move on and continue to work together on job creation.  In my opinion, the long term gain outweighs the short term pain.  I am pleased to have this potential project call the 105th Legislative District, ‘home,'” Rep. Brady said.

Representative Brady noted that several other local taxing bodies still must consider the Brandt incentive offer before it is finalized: “I pledge to continue to work with stakeholders on this project, and to help secure assistance from the State of Illinois that may be needed in the future.  I again wish to thank all of those such as the Economic Development Council and others working diligently on this project.”