Check out the Session Review 2016 for Budget, Education Funding and other Legislative Session Details

Area families can read more about the state’s stopgap budget, state funding increases for local school districts and other important issues from this year’s legislative session here on State Representative Dan Brady’s website. Rep. Brady has posted his Session Review online to keep local residents up to date without the costs associated with a mailed newsletter.

“Throughout the summer I have attended events across the district giving updates on our budget situation, school funding, funding for our colleges and universities and other major challenges we have worked on this year. Posting the Session Review on my website will make updated information even more accessible to local families.” Rep. Brady said.

Representative Brady said the Session Review is readily accessible here on his website by clicking the Session Review 2016 icon in this story, or in the top right hand margin of the homepage. The Review is also printable.

“Anyone with computer access can read and print the Session Review. I do understand that there are some without computer access who may be interested in the information and they are welcome to contact my district office at 309-662-1100 or stop by at 104 W. North Street in Normal for a copy,” Rep. Brady said.