New Brady-Sponsored Law Helps Procedures for Organ Donations

A new law authored by State Representative Dan Brady will help the process for life-saving organ donations. The Governor this week signed into law Brady’s House bill 4120 which will expedite the permitting process for briefly transferring a deceased organ donor out of state for donation.

“Organ donation is a process where every minute matters. The more quickly the donation and transplant procedures can be accomplished, the better the chance of success,” Representative Brady stressed.

Representative Brady’s new law will allow a permit signed by a licensed funeral director or embalmer to serve in place of more time-consuming documents issued by a registrar to transport a deceased organ donor out of Illinois for up to 36 hours to complete the donation procedures where they are needed.

Representative Brady noted that sometimes out-of-state transport of a deceased donor is required, depending on the location. For example, Federal law requires deceased donors in the metro-east area be taken to St. Louis for donation procedures. Brady said waiting for additional paperwork from a local registrar costs precious time.

“Now, the funeral director or embalmer can authorize the temporary transfer themselves rather than waiting for the registrar. This new law will move the process along more quickly to help give the recipients of the life-saving donations their best chance at a good result,” Representative Brady said.