Governor Signs Rep. Brady Bill Ensuring Prompt Refill of Crucial Eye Medications

Legislation signed into law Sunday will ensure Illinois seniors and others living with chronic eye conditions can obtain refills when needed of their eye drop medications. Public Act 99-0226, spearheaded by Representative Dan Brady (R-Bloomington), requires insurance companies to refill eye-drop medications before the anticipated refill date for those with a chronic need.

“For those with glaucoma, chronic dry eye, and other serious running out of medication could put their vision at risk, but precise dosing of eye drops is nearly impossible. Sometimes it takes several tries to actually get the drops in the eyes, so medication is wasted and the bottle is empty before the refill date arrives,” Brady explained. “This new law simply tells insurance providers that as long as at least 75% of the prescription period has passed, they must approve refills of needed eye medications early for those with chronic eye conditions.”

Representative Brady said his early refill law was initiated by local ophthalmologist Dr. Catharine Crockett and the Illinois Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons. It was supported by the Illinois State Medical Society, the Chicago Glaucoma Society, Illinois Prevention of Blindness, Illinois Optometric Association and the Health Care Council of Illinois among others.