Brady: Governor is Doing the Right Thing with Restoration of Vital Grants

State Representative Dan Brady said said Governor Rauner is doing the right thing by restoring $26 million in grant suspensions impacting programs managed by the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Governor’s decision to restore the grant funding is based on new revenue estimates from the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) that show the state can expect an additional one-time revenue increase of $300-$500 million for the current fiscal year.

“I’m very pleased the Governor has made the decision to restore this grant funding for Autism, indigent burials and other vital programs,” Representative Brady said. “These were cuts we did not anticipate when we approved ‘budget fix’ legislation earlier this spring, and I’m very glad that additional revenues will provide for their restoration.”

Grant suspensions restored are:

Funeral & Burial, $6.9 million
Immigrant Integration Services, $3.4 million
Welcoming Centers, $191,300
ARC Lifespan, $118,100
Best Buddies, $250,000
Autism, $1 million
Group Home Loans, $20,000
Compulsive Gambling, $406,000
Westside Health, $94,200
Addiction Prevention, $1.6 million
Assistance for Homeless, $300,000
Community Services, $2 million
Teen REACH, $3.1 million
Coalition F/Tech Assist-Child, $250,000
For Children’s Health Program, $231,600
Outreach to Individuals to Engage in Services, $380,700
Regions Special Consumer Support, $277,700
SMRF Training, $420,100
Transportation, $43,900
DD Latino Outreach, $87,500
Microboard Development and Outreach, $47,500
Epilepsy, $514,700
DHS TOTAL: $21.8 million

Brothers and Sisters United Against HIV/AIDS, $789,800
Increasing Access to Health Care-Wellness on Wheels, $180,000
Wellness on Wheels – Mobile Administration 2015, $135,000
Illinois Tobacco Quitline, $3.1 million
Project Safe Sleep Education and Outreach, $250,000
MidAmerica Regional Public Health Leadership Institute, $75,000
IDPH TOTAL: $4.5 million